At Clintonville Barbell, our motto is "strength in numbers," meaning that by lifting as a community, we are stronger, happier, and more resilient together. Whether you are training for a national competition or trying to improve your technique, we have a place for you.



$99 per month

Membership at Clintonville Barbell is a flat rate of $99 per month plus tax. This membership includes:

  • Unlimited open gym access

  • Weightlifting development classes twice per week

  • 5 days a week of weightlifting-specific programming

  • Meet preparation and guidance

  • Discounted rates on CrossFit group classes at CrossFit Clintonville

  • Individual coaching and feedback from CB staff


Development Model


Coaching for athletes of all skill levels

Beginner Weightlifters
(lifting for less than 1 year)

For athletes who are new to weightlifting, or coming from CrossFit, we use our Development Classes to instill proper technique, safety, and training techniques. These classes teach the main lifts and various accessory exercises to inspire the lifter to eventually train on their own.

Intermediate and Advanced Weightlifters
For athletes who have lifted at another barbell club, have been practicing Olympic weightlifting for more than 1 year, or have already competed, our club weightlifting program is available. This program runs 5 days per week and includes a variety of exercises to improve the snatch and clean & jerk, as well as mobility, conditioning ("WODs"), and gymnastic skill work. This programming typically follows 8 week cycles and is modified on a per-athlete basis for meet tapering, travel, and to suit each athlete's needs. To see sample programming, click here.


New Lifters


No experience necessary

We believe that weightlifting is a sport for everyone to enjoy and welcome all ages, genders, ability levels and body types to our club. For individuals who have no experience in strength training or Olympic weightlifting, Clintonville Barbell offers two options:

  • Private, 1 on 1 sessions with CB staff to learn the basics of weightlifting; after an appropriate number of sessions, the lifter can be enrolled in the twice-weekly Development Classes.

  • Complete the CrossFit Clintonville 101 class series, which covers all basic barbell movements, and introductory functional fitness modalities. Learn more about this series here.


Ready to join Clintonville Barbell? Click the button to sign-up via the CrossFit Clintonville website. If you're not sure, have questions, or would like to see the gym first, please contact us. We'd love to meet you in person!


Drop-In Policy

Our drop-in rate is $20 for a day pass. You can pay with cash or card at the gym. Please contact us prior to dropping in to confirm the time and date that you'd like to lift. We're excited to have you!

Class Schedule

Our Development Classes emphasize form and technique. They are included with a CrossFit Clintonville or Clintonville membership:

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm to 7:15pm