Samuel Hartman, Head Coach & Director


USA Weightlifting Club Coach, CrossFit L-2

Samuel found weightlifting through CrossFit, which he began in 2011 after a short career of cardio sports. Weightlifting appealed to him because of the technical nature and immense challenge it provided—a problem with an ever-changing solution. During his tenure as both kettlebell and CrossFit coach, Samuel sought his weightlifting certifications through USAW and then formed Clintonville Barbell in late 2017.

Samuel's academic background is in applied mathematics, where obtained a Master's degree from Purdue University. His work as a teacher and professor helps him guide athletes to the platform, a place he believes can truly show the mettle of any individual. Outside of coaching and lifting weights, Samuel enjoys trail running, photography, and "heavy" philosophical discussions.

Sharon Scott, Assistant Coach


USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Sharon is a PhD student at OSU studying Environmental Engineering. She was a D1 swimmer at the University of Connecticut and transitioned to long distance running following her swimming career. In 2016 she decided to give CrossFit a try and immediately fell in love. Her desire to become stronger and master Olympic weightlifting techniques drew her to focus more on the sport.

Sharon has found that Olympic weightlifting can sometimes be more mentally taxing than physically; it is this that allows the sport to be wholly fulfilling as it requires mental grit in addition to physical endurance.

Madison Mackay, Assistant Coach


USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Madison has been coaching in some form for over seven years, beginning with high school girl’s club volleyball while in college at Denison University along with running the women’s club volleyball team. Madison also found CrossFit while in college, which she has been doing since 2013. CrossFit Clintonville became her second home during law school at The Ohio States University.

After graduation from law school and new career as an attorney, Madison made the switch to Olympic Weightlifting, which involved less cardio and more lifting heavy things. After training with Head Coach Samuel Hartman, she decided to pursue her USA Weightlifting certification, as coaching has always come naturally to her. Outside of weightlifting, Madison enjoys markets, coffee, dogs, and all things pumpkin.